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Zen under the soles of your feet

Meer balans? Het antwoord ligt onder je voetzolen.

Women's Health Voetreflexologie

A couple of months ago I got called by Maud. Maud writes for Women’s Health and in the new edition they wanted to focus on ‘East meets West’ as a theme. My form of reflexology is a combination of Western and Chinese reflexology so it would fit perfectly within the theme. What can reflexology do for you, what is the difference between Chinese & Western reflexology, what do foot reflexology specialists Floor Tuinstra and Carine van der Vaart have to say about this and what did the experience do to Maud? I couldn’t let Maud leave without experiencing what it feels like to have a reflexology treament.

The answers to these questions can now be found in a beautiful article in the September/October edition of 2015. I am very happy with the result. Reflexology is making more headway (footway) in the Netherlands!

Zen onder je zolen

“Floor: ‘Compare the meridians with highways and the pressure points with (full) traffic bottlenecks. If you are suffering from lower back pain, an ear infection, and you are losing hair, a reflexologist that works according to the TCM principles will know which highways and traffic bottlenecks to treat, so that the traffic (the energy) can flow again’. In this way Floor can treat several health issues.”

Meer balans? Het antwoord ligt onder je voetzolen.

It seems to be looking like a good month for reflexology in the Netherlands. If you are looking for more balance, the answer is under the soles of your feet.

Do it yourself advice: try to walk barefoot as much as possible with the warm weather this month; in this way you will stimulate the pressure points on your soles.