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Cure baby constipation in 1 minute


Baby constipation: a cure in 1 minute

So far in the nearly two years since my son’s birth he has not gone more than 3 times without pooing an entire day. Three days without doodoo, that’s it. For a baby and toddler that is a pretty small amount.
Baby constipation doesn’t happen very often in our household.
If I notice he’s having trouble filling up his diaper, all I need to do is give him a short massage based on an ancient Chinese tuina technique.
The next thing I know I’ll have 4 poo diapers a day as a result, to deal with in the next three weeks.
At least during the first year when he was still a baby, now that he’s a toddler 2 or 3 poo diapers will be more likely to occur after a massage.

Nevertheless he hadn’t filled his nappy like he normally does this morning

Most of the times he fills his nappy in the morning but today nothing happened before 10:30am.
Because my plan was to take him to the playground I didn’t feel like dealing with a dirty nappy outside.
With that in mind, my idea was to help him out a bit and get that doodoo business over and done with before going outside, saving me the hassle to clean any more diapers for a while.
As expected, he pooped within 2 minutes after massaging him using only 1 technique, and shortly thereafter we were outside getting some fresh air.

Regular bowel movement technique in 1 minute

The good news is that it is a simple technique which you only have to apply for 1 minute and then you are done.
Additionally if your child likes it then you can continue for another minute, but after a maximum of 2 minutes you should stop.
While my son was playing with his lego blocks, I gently placed him on our floor.
I would like to point out that our floor has a carpet. You might want to place a blanket or towel if you don’t have a clean carpet or something soft underneath.
After that I massaged him for 1 minute.
He really enjoyed it, as you will be able to see in the video below. Nevertheless it might be possible that your baby gets restless from this massage, in that case built the duration up slowly.

Practical things

In the first place with toddlers it is convenient to have a toy nearby in case you need a distraction.
Or a screen with internet connection so you can play videos or clips with sing-alongs for example.
Obviously you could also sing yourself.
This is a technique you can apply on any child up to the age of 7.
Just be aware that you may have to wait a few minutes longer for results than I did; my son has become accustomed to regular bowel movements thanks to my massages and warm food.

baby constipation

Cure baby constipation and more baby tummy troubles with the roundabout

The roundabout

Place the palm of your hand under the bellybutton of your child.
Turn your hand clockwise in a smooth pace as you will be kneading the abdomen.

How long

Apply the roundabout for 1 minute additionally if your baby, toddler or child likes it then you can continue up to 2 minutes.


Deep in the abdomen. Don’t stay too much on the surface. You can go a little deeper; children of all ages usually enjoy this technique.

When should you not use the roundabout?

If your baby starts to cry and protest then it is best to stop. If they start to protest a little then built up the duration so they can handle it for a longer period.
Please don’t apply the roundabout within half an hour after feeding. It is best to apply it before you start feeding or to wait at least half an hour after feeding.

What is the function of the roundabout?

It makes sure the energy of the digestive system is supplemented and regulates the energy in the belly where the rotting and riping of the food takes place.
In traditional Chinese medicine: supplements Earth qi (Spleen qi), regulates the middle jiao (burner) and fortifies Later Heaven.

When can you use the roundabout?

First of all the roundabout can be done daily. Once is sufficient. However if your baby has colic, you might like to apply this before feedings, in which case 2 or 3 times is also possible.
You wouldn’t expect this immediately but in like manner as constipation, the roundabout can also treat diarrhea.
Additionally the roundabout will also help in case of:

    • poor appetite
    • disturbed sleep
    • catarrh

(excessive discharge or buildup of mucus in the nose or throat)

  • abdominal discomfort which feels better when pressure is applied
  • bloating and gas
  • lethargy
  • indigestion (reflux, heartburn)
  • an insufficiency of Spleen and Stomach qi.
    Due to the physical kneading more space will open up in the belly which also makes room for the feces. That is why I also use the roundabout to keep the poo going. But as mentioned above you can also use it for the opposite, diarrhea.

Watch the video below to see how to relieve baby constipation, diarrhea, reflux and more baby tummy troubles

The roundabout might look very intense but many babies and toddlers really enjoy their belly being cleared of excess.


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