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TCM Kombucha


Where does kombucha fit into traditional Chinese medicine?

A scoby with starter tea

My job comes with some perks. 2 days ago I received a scoby from a client so I could start making my own kombucha.
But before I started making it, I was curious to find out in which element kombucha goes according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and what effect it has on my body.

Kombucha from a TCM perspective

  • Kombucha leads inwards to the body and downwards.
  • It stores the fluids.
  • Kombucha has an acidic taste.
  • It pulls together.
  • Therefore kombucha belongs to the wood element in TCM.
  • Under which the liver and gallbladder organ and meridians fall.
  • It has a refreshing and cooling effect on the body.

Kombucha when you suffer from heat symptoms

Knowing this kombucha can be effective with people who suffer from heat symptoms. An example of such a symptom is heartburn. Kombucha can relieve the burning sensation.

When to avoid kombucha

  1. If you are not used to drinking kombucha and you are pregnant, it is better to avoid drinking kombucha. Due to the fermentation it is broken down into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Which is not recommended during pregnancy. Kombucha could have a detoxifying effect. It is best to eat a couple of hazelnuts or have a reflexology treatment focused on relieving your heartburn.
  2. If you tend to get cold very quickly, cold feet, cold hands, cold belly, it is best to avoid too much kombucha. A little won’t harm you but kombucha every single day will definitely make your cold symptoms worse. The same goes if you are trying to get pregnant. An egg wants a warm environment to nestle itself in, if you are drinking refreshing and cooling drinks, your belly is not going to get any warmer.

What is a scoby?

A scoby is sort of a mushroom, it stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It is added to mix of black tea, sugar and starter tea for the 1st fermentation of kombucha.
If you would like to know how to make kombucha all the information can be found on you brew kombucha. She has an extensive website and lots of video’s on how to make it.

My 1st fermentation has started and I am very excited  to let some of my clients with heartburn and other heat symptoms give it a shot.


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