NIBY’S® Course Naturally induce labor for professionals 24-25th November 2023 Groningen

NIBY’S® Cursus Natuurlijk de Bevalling Opwekken voor Professionals.
Leer hoe je met behulp van acupressuur en voetreflexologie de bevalling een natuurlijk zetje kan geven.


Dit is een 2-daagse workshop. De lesdag duurt van 10.30 tot 16.30 uur.

Voor wie?

Voor voetreflexologen, kraamverzorgers, verloskundigen, acupuncturisten, doula’s, en andere professionals

Door wie?

Docent: Floor Tuinstra
24 en 25 november 2023 in Den Haag.


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NIBY’S® Naturally Induce Labor Course for Professionals with acupressure and reflexology

Learn in 2 days how, as a professional therapist, you can give childbirth a natural boost using acupressure and foot reflexology according to the NIBY’S® method (Naturally Induced Babies)

Date & Duration

24th and 25th November 2023 in Leek (near Groningen)
This is a 2-day workshop. The class day runs from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

About the Naturally Inducing Labor course

On average, 33 percent of women are induced at the birth of their first child. While most women would prefer that childbirth start naturally. From now on you can initiate this yourself by means of simple massage techniques from acupressure and foot reflexology, which expectant mothers, partners and therapists can apply at home. This is a first in the Netherlands. Floor Tuinstra, the first baby reflexologist in the Netherlands, has developed the NIBY’S® method with which expectant mothers can take control of their childbirth. She describes how to do that in her book ‘inducing labor naturally’.
For professionals there is now also a course to learn how to apply the techniques from the book and a bonus technique with mothers.
This bonus technique is difficult to explain in a book, but it can give you that extra push. It is about the conductor of the orchestra, who says ‘and now I want the contractions to start’.
We also go through a guided meditation for when hard bellies or contractions arise.
We take a closer look at the techniques.
What does it say, for example, if a zone is sensitive in one person and not in another? And when do you know if a baby has descended properly without the mother telling you.
What can you do if you feel that the mother is not yet ready, anxious, tense or physically empty or what you can do if you think that a delivery will not happen immediately after your treatment.
A specific meditation is discussed: if there are sensitive points, hard bellies or contractions during the treatment, a powerful meditation works very well, also during childbirth.

Program ‘Inducing labor naturally’

Class days start: 10:30
Class days end: 16:30
Location: Shell 12, Leek (Leutje Laifde), near Groningen in the Netherlands
Price: 349 euros
Included: a poster that is exclusively for therapists with all techniques on it, so you can see all techniques at a glance when you are treating. A certificate, coffee/tea/water and a syllabus.
Exclusive: you have to take care of lunch yourself.
Bring a pen and paper if you want to take notes.
Also bring a single sheet, pillow and a towel for your own comfort and possibly a blanket.