Moxalamp course – 19 september 2023 Gendt

Hoe gebruik je de moxalamp en voor welke symptomen kun je hem inzetten?

De Moxalamp (TDP Lamp – Far Infrared Warmtelamp)

Dit is een 1-daagse workshop. De lesdag duurt van 10.30 tot 16.30 uur.
Voor wie?
Voor iedereen die weinig of geen ervaring heeft met de moxalamp maar die meer kennis en behandelmethoden wil aanleren om er mee om te gaan.
Door wie?
Docenten: Arina Marsman en Floor Tuinstra
Piramide aan de Waal, Munnikhofsestraat 28, 6691 HH Gendt


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The Moxa Lamp (TDP Lamp)

How do you use this medicinal lamp and for which symptoms can you use it?

Duration time

This is a 1-day workshop. The class day runs from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The Moxa lamp is used by many acupuncturists.
It gives off a wonderful heat, but what exactly can you do with it?
In this workshop you will learn in a practical way how to use the moxa lamp both in practice and at home. You will also learn when you can use it very well, with which symptoms and ailments, when it is better not to. On which body parts you can and cannot use it. And you learn treatment protocols for a number of ailments.
In addition, you get a better insight into the amount of possibilities that are available in applying this heat lamp. Knowledge of the moxa lamp (TDP lamp) enables the therapist to give their clients and themselves a pleasant and accelerated treatment process.

The following will be covered in this workshop:

  • Origin of the moxa lamp
  • Different types of lamps
  • What is the moxa lamp good for?
  • For which ailments and conditions can you use the moxa lamp?
  • How to set it up and use it and how long will you use it?
  • Knowledge of the method and working method
  • Where on which body parts can you use the moxa lamp?
  • Are there any contraindications for the moxa lamp? Like for example for fertility or pregnancy?
  • Is there a moxa herb application in addition to the moxa lamp that produces less smoke and odors?
  • In practice with the moxa lamp and the tiger warmer

Study material

This workshop includes a digital syllabus.

For whom is the moxa lamp course suitable?

For anyone who has little or no experience with the moxa lamp but who wants to learn treatment methods and how to use it.

Who gives the moxa lamp course and where?

Teachers: Arina Marsman & Floor Tuinstra
Certificate: this will be sent digitally afterwards
Accreditation: is requested from the VNRT, if approved, this falls under the C points

Price: 135 euro (the price includes certificate, coffee/tea/water and syllabus).
Start: 10:30
End: 4:30 PM
Location: Piramide aan de Waal, Munnikhofsestraat 28, 6691 HH Gendt