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Don’t walk barefoot when trying to get pregnant


Walking barefoot has many advantages.
But when is it better to not walk barefoot?
If you are trying to get pregnant it’s better to not walk barefoot.

Why is walking barefoot when you are trying to get pregnant not such a good idea?

The reason for this is simple:
An egg would like to nestle itself in a warm surrounding. A warm uterus is a prerequisite for the conception.

Therefore warm feet are necessary

Cold and heat move upwards.
If you are walking barefoot the cold will move upwards from your feet through your legs towards your uterus. This causes a cold climate in your belly. This is something a fertile egg doesn’t like. It will think, ‘You know what, I think I’ll pass this station on to the next’.

What can you do to instead to improve your fertility and keep your feet warm?

  1. Try walking on barefoot shoes. In this way you have protection and combined with socks it can keep your feet warm.
  2. Warm up your feet with the Meet Your Toes technique, it is a great way to warm up your toes which in many cases is the first part of the feet to get cold
  3. Before going to bed, soak your feet for 20 to 30 minutes in a bucket of warm water
  4. Try on some slippers that can be heated up in the microwave. Put them in the microwave for one minute and then walk away, when they are heated up you can walk back to the microwave. It’s best to stay away for 2-3 metres while the microwave is on to avoid radiation.
  5. Drink warm water throughout the day. Preferably boiled water. You can drink it at a temperature that feels right for you. In that way your body doesn’t need to work so hard to bring it up to body temperature and you will have more energy left for important things.