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  • YES Floor Tuinstra gave me the BEST foot massage I have ever had, it was magical I just disappeared into a blissful semi-sleep and did not want it to be over…so did my daughter (4), she said ‘mum, can you please close the door, I do not want anybody to disturb me when Floor is massaging my feet’…OMG…high maintenance kind of girl our little daughter :-)

    Pia & Sophia (4) – Helsinki
  • Floor, you massage like a Chinese with the difference that you speak Dutch. There’s people that say they massage reflexzones but they give you the feeling they don’t hit the right spot, but you hit the right spot! You are the queen of reflex massage!

    Catharina – Den Haag
  • Floor’s foot reflexology sessions are amazing. She is an extremely kind, caring and nurturing person and these qualities are always evident in her practice. She always tailors the session to address my particular needs on each day, and explains why she has chosen a certain technique and how it could be of assistance. Floor has a very professional manner, and her clming and positive energy and presence – combined with her skillful reflexology massage – make me an exceptionally happy and grateful client of hers.

    Hilary – Den Haag
  • One may think that feet are for walking, running, dancing..even painting (why not?) but in a recent foot reflexology session with Floor I’ve realized that for her it is a door to enter into the energetic strings and flows of one’s body in order to bring balance and was deeply relaxing but much more than that it was a discovery and connecting journey to other parts of the body and soul. Thank you Floor.

    Filipe – Lissabon
  • I was nicely put at ease, I could listen to my own music! The foot reflexology treatment was intensive yet it went almost unnoticed and it was never annoying. I received a lot of information about sensitive spots and to what they are connected. All together it was definitely worth it!

    Marcel – Wateringen
  • With Floor you are at ease. Whether you are talking to her or undergoing a massage. The footmassage was very relaxing and afterwards I had a very satisfied.Some reflexzones under my feet were sensitive, which indicated that somewhere else in my body certain problems need more attention. Even if you think you don’t have any problems, a footmassage from Floor is very nice form of relaxation.

    Eelkje – Leiden
  • Floor was very professional. The massage has helped a lot with relieving my foot aches. She also explained really well how she would work and what everything meant. I was deeply impressed with her knowledge and really enjoyed the massage. I would love her to visit again!

    Stefan – Eindhoven
  • The massage was a relaxing foot reflexology massage. I liked it that Floor explained every now and then what she was doing and which conclusions she pulled from that. Especially her question if I had any problems with my bladder lately I found remarkable, because I actually just had a urinary tract infection. After the massage I was very relaxed and I felt at ease. I would definitely repeat this. Floor is calm and handles things seriously. She comes across as trustworthy and she knows what she is talking about.

    Tjitske – Utrecht
  • I had a 1,5 hour long foot massage with Floor back in the summer to help soothe an ache that I have had in both my heels for some time, and help my tired feet feel better. I felt that Floor did an excellent job by applying pressure on key points on my feet. The net result: a relaxed feeling that lasted for hours.
    I would love to do this on a regular basis. I would recommend Floor to anyone with feet ache or in need of some downtime.

    Hendrik – Helsinki
  • Wonderful relaxing massage! In a pleasant way Floor knows to find key pressure points which lead to relaxation. Afterwards this massage gives a calm feeling.

    Lena – Dordrecht
  • Calm and tranquil massage. You immediately get the impression that she knows what she’s doing. The treatment itself is relaxing and tantalizing, certain foot reflexzones are stimulated and you can notice this clearly during the treatment. Floor has a good sense of what is needed. The feeling of satisfaction is very high afterwards.

    Oliver – Den Haag
  • Approach: highly professional, respectful
    Massage: resourceful, knowledgeable, excellent explanation of status of things and body processes, high respect for privacy.
    Top service from a top person.
    ps: I have faced until now quite some people that claimed that they now know foot reflexology massage. After having Floor’s I will not go to any other anymore. It is so supberb!

    Mojca – Ljubljana
  • Had a wonderful foot massage. Very relaxing and afterwards felt fitter to continue my day!!It was verry good!! Just give it a try!! Thanks Floor

    Dieuwke – Den Haag
  • Ik ben zeer tevreden over de massage. Al na een paar behandelingen was het resultaat (vochtafdrijving) erg goed zichtbaar. Floor is een heel fijne meid, zeer toegankelijk en erg kundig. Elke vraag weet ze goed te beantwoorden. Daarnaast voelde het contact vanaf het 1e moment al erg vertrouwd. Kortom ik ben zeer tevreden over Floor en over haar behandeling en de resultaten.

    Cynthia – Schiedam
  • Hi Floor, I wanted to thank you for your pleasant treatment. Last week Friday after te massage I had very light legs, I would have preferred to keep them up in the air the whole afternoon, that’s how good they felt. I was also very relaxed so it was a succesfull treatment: I was able to relax. Thank you again and we’ll see eachother soon. Love Paula.

    Paula has difficulty to relax and give in to massage in general.

    Paula – Rijswijk
  • Sterre had been constipated for 5 days when she received a massage on only one of her feet. Within 5 minutes her diaper was full. 45 minutes later she pooped again and three hours later again. She only needed one massage and after that she never had problems with constipation again. It’s great to know no laxatives or pills were necessary.
    [* Maarten has his own pharmacy.]

    Maarten* & Anne, parents of Sterre – 3 months
  • Within a couple of minutes after the massage it came loose with my daughter. It works like magic!!

    Zico & Janice, parents of Sofie – 2 months
  • Toby had been very uncomfortable for a few days but within 30 minutes of Floor’s foot massage he had filled his nappy and was a happier boy!

    Marjorie & Stefan, parents of Toby – 7 months
  • Hi Floor, here is an update from Tim. Tim now poops twice a day, still. We don’t have any problems anymore.
    Thank you
    (Tim was massaged twice)

    Simone & Jeroen, parents of Tim – 6 months
  • Kidney and bladder treatment: built up very tranquilly. A sensitive point where the kidney is located was treated (this is a problem area for me). Constant attention during which an explanation was given and questions were also answered. In short: a lovely massage, built up tranquilly, good explanation, with attention. Conclusion: I’ll be back

    Jasmijn – Amsterdam
  • If you have a foot massage with the idea you’re receiving a normal massage but then on your feet, you’ll be surprised for the better.I have no problems anymore with my back, no tension in my body, and during running I don’t have so much acidification anymore, these are just the short term effects of one massage. I want to go again!

    Arjan (marathon runner) – Rotterdam
  • Yesssssss finally I had 8 hrs of SLEEP last night, because Luna got a baby reflexology massage yesterday (and I received an energetic massage) i’m feeling GOOD!!!!thanks to Floor Tuinstra.

    Lotte gave birth to a daughter 1,5 month before.

    Lotte – De Wilgen
  • Reflexology uses a holistic approach and is something that has helped me in the past. Because of this, I trust that this time it will also help me. Floor is a precise person who does her job with precision. This gives me the feeling that I’m in good hands so I can use this time to relax, something that has been very difficult for me. After three sessions of Floor I already notice an improvement in my overall health, but unexpectedly I also notice an improvement in my mood. Due to this last improvement I feel myself increasingly able to do to reduce the stress. Off course I am very happy with this result and I am very grateful for Floor for what she has done for me. I plan to continue to receive regular treatments of Floor for preventive reasons.

    Susan – Den Haag
  • I’ve had around 7 treatments from Floor, focused on the digestion (gut / spleen / stomach). The treatments give me lots of rest, relaxation and ensure less stress symptoms in my stomach, intestines and head. I do not see Floor as a student. Floor is a professional and approaches her treatments and me in a very nice and good way. She thinks outside the box with the client and looks beyond the treatment, such as giving dietary or exercise advice. Furthermore, Floor has a natural calmth over her. This ensures that you feel very safe and relaxed with her. I think this is very important in this type of treatment. Her knowledge of the human body and food gives her a reliable and serious impression.

    Nienke – Den Haag
  • Dealing with chronic sleeping problems it was by coincidence that I came across Floor and her practice. I had a difficult time falling asleep and I had a hard time to continue sleeping throughout the night despite physical fatigue. (There was no question of obstructive breathing and apnea syndrome).
    Without any expectations I started with her treatment plan, aware in the back of my mind that the meridians which are spoken of in Chinese reflexology have never been explained scientifically.
    After the 3rd treatment a gradual improvement arose which is still further increasing. In the meantime I have slept for 6 hours uninterrupted which is unique for me. It seems like she has reset my sleeping pattern. I am very happy but also quite impressed with this result.
    What stands out about Floor is her devotion and passion for her profession. In my opinion she is a rare uncultivated pearl within foot reflexology therapy and I can highly recommend her.

    Rene – Zwammerdam
  • Not only are Floor’s treatments first class but she also has the personality to match. I have enjoyed my pre and post pregnancy sessions and my daughter has also loved hers. I have recommended Floor to friends without hesitation.

  • Floor, thank you for the wonderful and relaxing footmassage today; it was a welcome rest after my migraine attack. Thank you!

    Jacinta – Voorburg
  • Anne kwam langs om weeën op te weken maar met 38 weken zwangerschap kun je niets beloven. Het kindje komt wanneer het er zelf klaar voor is. Een week na de behandeling ontving ik een mail: “Hai Floor, een dag na de behandeling is onze dochter Christine geboren. Ik wilde het je toch even laten weten!! Groetjes Anne”

    Anne - 38,5 weken zwanger
  • Beste Floor, graag zou ik een afspraak willen maken. Ik ben momenteel 39 weken en 4 dagen zwanger van mijn tweede dochter en zou graag willen proberen de bevalling op te wekken. Bij mijn eerste dochter ben ik met 42 weken ingeleid, wat nogal traumatisch is verlopen… De gynaecoloog heeft aangegeven dat de kans zeer groot is dat inleiden dit keer weer nodig is, iets wat ik liever zou willen voorkomen. Wat zijn de mogelijkheden?” Na de eerste behandeling ontstonden er binnen een uur na de behandeling harde buiken en het gevoel van weeën maar het zette nog niet door. Daarom heeft Mireille uiteindelijk twee reflexologie behandelingen ontvangen. Vijf dagen later ontving ik een reactie: “Hoi Floor, ik wilde je even laten weten dat gisteren onze dochter Francesca is geboren! Alles is goed gegaan en ik ben gewoon op de natuurlijke manier bevallen. Heel erg bedankt voor alles en wie weet tot ziens!”

    Mireille – 39 weken zwanger
  • Voor iedereen een aanrader om hoogzwanger voetreflex massage te doen! Erg ontspannend, rustgevend en pijn verlichtend! Ik was nog nooit geweest dus ging er “blanco” naar toe! Ik heb de dagen na de massage veel meer rust in me gehad, kon veel beter slapen, minder stoelgang problemen en had meer energie!
Floor nam echt de tijd voor me, was oprecht geïnteresseerd in me en ik voelde me erg op mijn gemak bij haar! Zeer professioneel. Ik ga zeker met 39 weken nog eens!

    Esther – 38 weken zwanger
  • Reactie na de eerste behandeling: Je behandeling heeft mijn voet en rest van mijn lijf enorm goed gedaan. Dankjewel! Twee weken later de tweede behandeling, vier dagen voorafgaand aan een trailrun: Hoi Floor,de trailrun van afgelopen zaterdag ging prima! Het was een pittig parcours maar mijn voeten deden het prima. Ik was best zenuwachtig over mijn rechtervoet… maar helemaal nergens last van gehad. Mijn voeten zijn nu wel wat stijf maar dat mag na zo’n inspanning.

    Johanna is Ultraloper en heeft een zenuwbeknelling tussen het tweede en derde middenvoetsbeentje.

  • De 1e massage was kennismaken, een ontspanningsmassage, ik ben toen in slaap gevallen! De 2e massage hebben we overlegd over wat ze ging behandelen, dat werd voor mij de overgangsklachten. De massage vond ik prettig, goed gedoseerd qua pijn (dat je wat voelt). De klachten zijn beduidend afgenomen, ik heb nauwelijks nog opvliegers en dat terwijl ik tamelijk sceptisch was. Floor is zeer duidelijk, weet waar ze het over heeft, geeft goed te begrijpen informatie, ze masseert rustig en vraagt hoe het gaat en masseert ook op gevoel. Ze is daarbij theoretisch goed onderlegd wat ik prettig vind. Floor is ook rustig in het bewegen tijdens de massage.

    Anne – Den Haag
  • Hoi Floor, ik zou je nog laten weten hoe het ging na de voetreflexologie sessie op 11 april. Nou ik weet niet wat je hebt gedaan :) maar dezelfde avond nog begonnen de weeën. Ben in de nacht van woensdag op donderdag naar het ziekenhuis gegaan en Moesa is donderdag 12 april om 13.03 geboren, gezond en wel!

    Halima - 41 weken zwanger
  • Marijke has been suffering from heartburn. On a scale from 0 to 10 she gives it a 7. 4 days ago she received a reflexology treatment. After that her heartburn went from a 7 to a 2. The first night it inflamed up towards an 8 but after that it has been low and she has been picking up on some health tips as well. She went from using over 6 Rennies a day to 4 in a week.

    Marijke, 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant
  • With 23 weeks pregnant and after just 1 reflexology treatment Natasja went from 4 Rennies per week to 1 Rennie. On a scale from 0 to 10 (in which 10 is severe and 0 no sensation of heartburn) she went from a 3 to 1,5, sleeping better at night and not waking up anymore from heartburn.
    After a 2nd reflexology treatment from Floor she has no signs of heartburn anymore.

    Nastaja - 23 weeks pregnant
  • The first five days after the treatment my feet and underlegs were troubling me notably less. There was also some improvement in the sensitivity in my underlegs.

    Henk – Diabetes type 2 with a constant blood glucose level since one year
  • Response after the thrid treatment:
    I have more feeling in my feet and underlegs, as if they are present again. My blood glucose levels have dropped to a constant 5. I feel better and the position of my feet is actually slowly changing.

    Peter - Diabetes type 2 before the treatments started his blood glucose levels varied between 5 and 7