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Babyreflexologie in Eindhoven 5 november


5 November 2017 // 10:00 - 16:00


Babyreflexology, a baby footmassage focusing on specific areas.

Foot reflexology a direct relieve with colic and sleeping difficulties. Learn how a reflexology massage can be given to a baby in this course (1 day).

Reflexology especially for baby’s

Baby reflexology is a form of reflexology especially developed for baby’s and offers all the advantages of a non-invasive and medicine free therapy. The techniques originally arose to create more bonding between parents and their baby but it also showed direct relieve and ease with many common ailments that baby’s suffer from. Two of the main benefits are: it improves sleep and many belly/digestive problems. This proved to be very succesfull with parents. Baby reflexology can be used from 4 weeks of age.

A baby footreflex massage can be applied anywhere

Baby reflexology is a fun and natural way to treat a baby and to enhance a loving bond between parent and child. It is a calming massage that lasts 2 tot 5 minutes and sometimes even 10 tot 20 minutes with breaks in between (depending on the age of the baby). A big advantage compared to baby massage is that it can be applied anywhere, at home, during travel, in the supermarket and no clothes have be taken off. This is one of the reasons parents keep using these techniques after they have attended the course.

Symptoms which can be relieved with baby reflexology:

constipation in baby’s
gas and bloating
hard stools
sleeping difficulties

A course for anyone interested to learning specific massage treatments for babies

Would you like to know how you can relieve colic, constipation, and improve sleep with your baby naturally?
Would you like to learn how to give a short and easy reflexology massage to a baby or would you like to show it to parents?
Would you like to treat baby’s in your reflexology practice?
Come and join us.

Experiences from reflexologists, baby massage instructors and neonatal nurses with the course

Floor thank you for your enthusiasm and pleasant way of teaching. I think you are a super teacher. You bring it with passion.
I really enjoyed the course and applied it immediately with a lot of succes. I knwo for sure that there will be a lot of enthusiasm in Friesland. I have already received a lot of interest from pregnant ladies, so I am looking forward to giving it a go.
It was a really inspiring day, I am bursting with ideas and enthusiasm.
Hi Floor, first my compliments on how you gave us the training in baby reflexology! In 1 word it was awesome!!
It was a very nice and educational day. You have a fresh and pleasant way of teaching and there was a lot of space for questions and input from the group. Really a super fun day with loads of information that gives confidence to get started with.

Experiences from parents who took the baby reflexology course for parents

I have taken both the babymassage and the baby reflexology course and the baby reflexology I still use daily, sometimes even twice a day because it is so easy to apply.

Who teaches baby reflexology, when and how much does it cost?

The course ‘babyreflexology for reflexologists’ is given by Floor Tuinstra (first certified baby reflexologist in the Netherlands).
Besides teaching baby reflexology she also gives course in baby massage, chinese pediatrics (tuina) and she has a practice in the Hague for reflexology treatments.
To check the dates and costs of the courses please contact or via phone +31 (0)6 – 47 330 498.


5 November 2017
10:00 - 16:00
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Floor Tuinstra Reflexologie


Namasté Café
Thorvaldsenlaan 10
Eindhoven, 5623 BN Nederland
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+31(0)6-47330498 / 076-8200240