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白露 Bai Lu “White Dew”


Bailu, or White Dew, is the 15th of 24 solar terms in the Chinese calendar. For many, Bailu seems to describe the changes in the color of the morning dew. The “White” in the name of this solar term comes from the “Wuxing” (five elements) theory in Chinese medicine.
During Bailu, the difference in temperature changes significantly between day and night. The temperature drops considerably, the night in particular. You could feel that earlier this week, in the night it was 13-14 degrees and I noticed that we needed an extra blanket as the night progressed. Although the last 2 nights with 17 degrees it was quite warm. In the afternoon you still long for ice or a refreshing drink, but at night and in the morning you can use some extra layers such as blankets and clothing with long sleeves, long legs or a scarf around the neck to protect your throat. This is the period of “autumn drought”, people with sensitive skin can perceive different symptoms such as; a soar throat, dry (cracked) skin, nose bleeds and/or eczema. Food choices should be mild and calming, such as pear which moisturizes the body, and heals after a dry cough, a virus or bacterial infection and soothing autumn tea like oolong tea.
Bailu is also an ideal period for outdoor activities.