Consult by phone

Consult by telephone: answer your questions by telephone (or social media such as Whatsapp, Signal etc)

Sometimes you have some questions and, for example, due to the circumstances, the travel distance or because I am unavailable myself, you are unable to come to the practice. Think of the following examples:

  • What to do with your child’s ailments
  • Nutrition for your child
  • What can you do yourself for fertility with massage techniques and nutrition tips
  • Massage techniques and nutrition during pregnancy
  • Or you’ve been to a consultation before, but weeks later, questions still pop up
  • If you have been a student of mine and you have questions about the patient who will soon come to your practice

Then you can book a telephone consultation.

What do you get out of this?

  • You can ask your questions at once
  • Immediate advice so you can move on quickly
  • You get my professional view and explanation on your issues
  • I share my knowledge and experience with you
  • Your investment

A telephone consultation takes 30 minutes and costs €50 (exempt from VAT).

How does it work?

Send me an email with the request for a telephone consultation and also leave your mobile phone number, date of birth and address details (especially if you submit the invoice to the insurance company)
We’ll pick a date & time and I’ll reserve this spot for you in my calendar.

I will send you an invoice by email.
You call me at the agreed time.

How do you prepare?

Make sure you have all questions clear. Sometimes you have a lot of questions. Please note that I can usually answer around 5 questions, no more. Depending on how extensive the answers are.

When is a telephone consultation not suitable

My telephone consultation will help you with your questions. But it does not replace an extensive consultation. If you want a personal and individual treatment, it is best to make an appointment for the practice. The telephone consultation can sometimes not take place immediately due to the crowds in the practice or teaching in emergencies, keep that in mind.

What else do you have to take into account?

If you do not call me at the agreed time, I will not be able to refund the amount paid. After all, I have reserved this time especially for you and within 5 minutes I cannot move another customer to your appointment.
You can change the appointment up to 48 hours in advance.