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What type of shoes are most suitable for a baby and child?


Almost all people are born with perfect feet. The fact that many adults have complaints about their feet is because the feet are not properly cared for during life, often starting in childhood.

Wat voor schoentjes meest geschikt voor baby
In this updated photo made available on Sunday, May 12, 2019 by @SussexRoyal, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex holds the feet of her baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. (@SussexRoyal via AP)

Why is my baby taking off his shoes

The first baby shoes are cute but not really needed yet. Because the first thing a baby does when he puts on shoes is to take them off and throw them away. A baby’s brain needs stimuli for the senses to explore their environment.
It takes years for your baby’s foot to develop to the bio mechanical and neurological masterpiece for which it was designed.
Only around the age of 8, the fat pads disappear, the arches of the foot are developed, and most of the cartilage is ossified.

What goes on your child’s feet?

Why would you put your child’s feet in a suit of armor during a critical moment of their development?
stop harness with shoes that are too stiff: in which the foot cannot slow down the development of the arch of the foot, the movement is limited, the heels or toes are not at the same level in which the sensory stimuli are damped, in which the soft tissue of the foot is weakened. baby? Only when a child walks well, shoes can be put on In order to start a specific sport, feet are put in a kind of prison from childhood. In many sports, feet are constricted in shoes so that they do not get the necessary space.


What can you pay attention to when buying baby and toddler shoes?

Make sure that the shoes are not too heavy and that your child naturally steps in. Buy the shoes according to the correct size. Mark the foot on a sheet and cut it out. Insert this in the shoe for checking. not folded in the shoe. Preferably buy a barefoot shoe. There are several brands of this. Take a look at 11 barefoot winter shoes for children. Conclusion Freedom for the toes. Ideal for your baby to walk barefoot a lot. As a result, the toes, muscles and structures of the feet are used as intended by nature.This is usually not practical in winter, but on the warm days you can easily let your child step through the sand on the beach with bare feet and possibly also through the grass. When we come with our son to a playground, he usually wants to take off all his shoes.