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10 barefoot wintershoes for children


More barefootshoes for children are popping up but which brands are suitable for winter?

Since I was looking for barefoot winter shoes for my son, I made an overview.

A list of 10 barefoot brands

Below is a list of 10 different brands of barefoot shoes for children for the winter.
If there is something missing, mail them to me, I will put them there.
For practical purpose I have added the links to the websites (I am no affiliate for any of these websites).

Important tips when buying barefoot shoes for children

  • Before you buy barefoot children’s shoes for the winter online, only use the measurements in inches/centimeters of the feet. Because the dimensions of (barefoot) shoes are very different from brand to brand.
  • It is best to fit barefoot shoes for children in the store. Regardless if they are for summer or winter. Barefoot children’s shoes, even for example those of Vivo, can be very stiff in terms of flexibility of the sole.

10 barefoot winter shoes for children

  • Wildling Wildings are very minimalistic, they have a flexible sole. They are one of the most expensive brands on the market for barefoot children’s shoes though.
  • Vivo Someone on facebook wrote about the Primus Bootie Kids: “Now I have this size for my son, size 33. He really loves them!” He is so happy with them. In his previous shoes he always had blisters at the start of wearing new shoes…. We always bought good shoes, compared them, got professional advice. But it was always the same problem. With these vivo’s we don’t have that problem, they are quite wide, that’s nice for him, and above all, very supple”.
  • Plae “My daughter has plae kaiden, she really likes them, so far no cold feet and they are waterproof. Just in case I did buy woolen soles, if it gets too cold she could always wear those as an extra”.
  • Papoutsi This brand has leather barefoot shoes and with the possibility for a sole from sheep’s wool in the winter. They are not waterproof, they are more shoes for indoors and for when it doesn’t rain. But if you choose this, there are also those who use playshoes. This is a kind of sock that you can put around the shoe.
  • MyMayu
  • Softstar Shoes
  • Freet
  • Kiuu(from Zaqq)
  • Tikki
  • Shooshoos

Other (barefoot) shoes for children that you could possibly use for winter

  • Leguanitos My son now has leguanitos, which are a perfect fit but if it will snow and there is more rain than they are on the thin side and they easily leak through. You could also use playshoes for this.
  • Robeez has children’s shoes up to 6 years old, all with a soft sole. They are therefore not really suitable for outdoor in the winter. Here too you could put on playshoes over it.
  • Happy Little Soles This is no barefoot brand but they do have a number of suitable models for children
  • Bobux These are not official barefoot shoes but there are a few that are good for children.

In the Netherlands there are 3 barefoot shops:

  1. Amsterdam (De Trek Barefoot), Rob Salomonson is in the shop, he advised us on shoes for our son and it was the most honest advise I got so far buying shoes, it was genuine and very friendly, he didn’t push anything onto us and even though there were other customers in the small shop he still went back to us to check how things were going.
  2. Arnhem (Barefoot & More), in Arnhem the choice is bigger than in Amsterdam.
  3. Tilburg (Anyones Barefoot Shop). I have yet to visit this store.

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