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A better bond with your baby through the butterfly kiss


A better bond with your baby through the butterfly kiss

Do you have a moment of quality time with your child? Then try the butterfly kiss.
The butterfly kiss is a feather-light massage technique used in baby reflexology.

It is only for parents and possibly grandparents because it is just like a real kiss but then on the feet.

The effect of the butterfly kiss

The effect of the butterfly kiss is that you get an even deeper bond with your baby. It also relaxes and comforts your child. In the video below you can see at the beginning that the foot which isn’t touched, is still in ‘active’ mode. As soon as I start with the butterfly kiss my son’s foot relaxes and rests on the massage table on which he is lying.



How do you apply the butterfly kiss

Stroke the bottom of the foot with the back of your hand. Start at the heel and strike up towards the toes.
Then continue on the top of the foot. Strike there with the palm of your hand, start at the ankle and move up towards the toes.
The direction of the striking is always upwards.
Repeat each movement 3 times per foot.

In the video below you can see how you do the butterfly kiss


Would you like to learn more baby reflexology techniques?

This Christmas the Dutch version of ‘Reflexology for baby’s, massage you child symptoms away in 1 minute’ will come out. An English version is forthcoming.
reflexologie voor baby's, masseer de kwaaltjes van je kindje in 1 minuut weg
In the book you will find more baby reflexology techniques for many symptoms, think of constipation, colic, sleeplessness, colds and more.