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Speltboterkoek and chamomile tea

Speltboterkoek served with chamomile tea during my baby reflexology course

For my baby reflexology course I alwaysy make something home baked. The parents can usually pick up the smell of what is in the oven before they enter the house. Today I had a typical Dutch treat on the menu, boterkoek made from spelflower. One piece is quite filling but they had room for an extra piece.speltboterkoek-kamillethee-floor-tuinstra

250 grams speltflower
200 grams sugar
200 grams butter
8 gram vanillea sugar
2 eggs
pinch of salt

Use a casserole of about 24 – 26 centimeter.

Mix the butter and both sugars in a bowl. Add 1 egg and the pinch of salt. Add the flower and mix well.

Grease the casserole and spread it evenly over the bottom. With the round side of a spoon you can mould the dough smoothly in the casserole. Brush the dough with 1 beaten egg and make a motif in the cake with a fork if you like. You can remove the excess of the beaten egg otherwise you will get hard pieces on the top of your boterkoek.

Bake the boterkoek on 170 degrees C for 25 minutes in the oven.

Leave it to cool and then cut off as a big a piece as you like.