Floor Tuinstra
Floor Tuinstra Reflexology - 1st Babyreflexologist of the Netherlands - Reflexology Teacher - Author

Floor is a skilled and respected reflexologist with a pragmatic and intuitive approach to the needs of her clients, sought after for her healing hands and calming temperament.

She specializes in baby reflexology (a form of baby foot massage) and has developed several courses in which she demonstrates practical ways to help parents and other reflexologists relax and improve their health.
Please contact Floor if you have any questions or are interested.

As the first baby reflexologist in the Netherlands and as a mother, she has pioneered baby massage, teaching the first generation of Dutch reflexologists how to relieve and relax various symptoms in babies through baby reflexology, TCM nutrition for babies, baby tuina and baby shiatsu.

You can receive reflexology treatments in her practice in The Hague and Bussum. She gives specialized treatments in pregnancy reflexology and baby reflexology.



  • Reflexology for Stress by Hagar Basis 3-4 July 2020 The Hague
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The book ‘Baby reflexology, 1 minute massage remedies for your child’ is now available for pre order in English. It is expected in October – November 2020
Baby reflexology, 1 minute massage remedies for your child.

Voor iedereen een aanrader om hoogzwanger voetreflex massage te doen! Erg ontspannend, rustgevend en pijn verlichtend! Ik was nog nooit geweest dus ging er “blanco” naar toe! Ik heb de dagen na de massage veel meer rust in me gehad, kon veel beter slapen, minder stoelgang problemen en had meer energie!
Floor nam echt de tijd voor me, was oprecht geïnteresseerd in me en ik voelde me erg op mijn gemak bij haar! Zeer professioneel. Ik ga zeker met 39 weken nog eens! Esther – 38 weken zwanger
Dealing with chronic sleeping problems it was by coincidence that I came across Floor and her practice. I had a difficult time falling asleep and I had a hard time to continue sleeping throughout the night despite physical fatigue. (There was no question of obstructive breathing and apnea syndrome). Without any expectations I started with her treatment plan, aware in the back of my mind that the meridians which are spoken of in Chinese reflexology have never been explained scientifically. After the 3rd treatment a gradual improvement arose which is still further increasing. In the meantime I have slept for 6 hours uninterrupted which is unique for me. It seems like she has reset my sleeping pattern. I am very happy but also quite impressed with this result. What stands out about Floor is her devotion and passion for her profession. In my opinion she is a rare uncultivated pearl within foot reflexology therapy and I can highly recommend her. Rene – Zwammerdam
Sterre had been constipated for 5 days when she received a massage on only one of her feet. Within 5 minutes her diaper was full. 45 minutes later she pooped again and three hours later again. She only needed one massage and after that she never had problems with constipation again. It’s great to know no laxatives or pills were necessary. [* Maarten has his own pharmacy.] Maarten & Anne


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  • Reflexology for Stress by Hagar Basis 3-4 July 2020 The Hague

    24 Jun 2022


About Floor Reflexology

A few practical things outlined.

The practice is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in The Hague and on Friday in Bussum from 9 am to 6 pm.


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C. C.: 54336538
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