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Fix yourself a nice warm cup of water or tea. Find a quiet moment this weekend and enjoy encouraging and inspiring news about reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine and other things that interest me.

Matcha tea

Do you have a longer second toe?
In this video from Barbara and Kevin Kunz it is explained how having a longer second toe could lead to feeling tired due to stress on the pancreas and the adrenals and what you can do to relieve it.
Much of the world’s population have longer second toes. Longer second toes are not a defect rather than are a genetic variant. If we were running around in the wild longer second toes wouldn’t be much of a problem. Because of the modernization of the foot’s environment with shoes and flat, hard surfaces the longer second toe has caused not only stress to the feet but also to the rest of the body as well.
Watcht this video from Barbara and Kevin Kunz ‘Do you have a longer second toe?

Do you wake up a certain time of night?
Why do we wake up or feel ill at a certain time of day – Organic Olivia

The effect of babyfootmassage
In February March ‘Ouders van Nu’ magazine came out with an article about the effects of babyfootmassage (babyreflexology).
You can read it here ‘Happy Feet: the effect of babyfootmassage

Where are the chakra’s located on the feet?
Glenda Hodge shows you the location of each chakra on your foot and gives a short explanantion.
Holistic Reflexology

Why Massage Is Worth the Money, Every Single Time | Earthlite Blog
“Massage, as it were, is simply one of the ways I prioritize my funds, and I’ve determined that a weekly massage far outweighs its monetary costs.