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Interview with Anna-Kaarina Lind author of Reflexology and Infantile Colic


Can you describe in short who you are (name, what you do in occupation and where you live)
I am born in Helsinki in 1951. In 1973 I graduated as a physiotherapist in Helsinki. I worked in hospitals and different clinics until we founded our own physiotherapy clinic in 1980 (my husband is a physiotherapist too, nowadays also psychotherapist).
In 1983 I started to study reflexology and applied it in my treatments straight away. In 1987 I graduated in Helsinki.
My teacher and mentor was Karl-Axel Lind (a Swedish reflexologist, researcher, teacher etc) . We were not related to each other even though we share the same surname.
Unfortunately Karl-Axel Lind passed away in the autumn of 2012. We worked together for almost 30 years giving courses in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
In 1987 I also founded my own school of reflexology, MedikaNova Ltd, in Tampere, Finland. Since then I have trained hundreds of reflexologists here in Finland.
We also started courses in Esthonia 1993 and now they run their own school there.
I have also lectured to many health care professionals, as well as reflexologists here in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. I published my first book of reflexology in 2001 and then the book of Reflexology and Infantile Colic in 2008. That book was translated into English in 2009.
We moved to Tampere in 1984 and we just love to live here. The nature is so near with big lakes, it’s marvelous, my husband and I like to paddle.
We have three children. Our eldest son died in 1995. Our daughter has her own family: husband and two wonderfull daughters. The youngest son has his own family: wife and a lovely daughter and a sweet little Babyboy. So we are proud grandparents aswell.

How did you discover foot reflexology and what made you decide to do something with this?
After working as a physiotherapist several years, I wanted some new tools for my treatments. I am very “practical” and when I noticed that I can get really good results with my patients, I became more and more curious about it and because I had a wonderfull teacher who tought me all, I was “sold” to reflexology.

How did you get to write a baby reflexology book or why did you want to write it?
The Karl-Axel Lind method of reflexology is very much more than only foot-treatment. We use the whole body: feet, legs, hands, back, face, ears, head, the whole body…. and about this method there were no books. Finland is a small country (area is big, but there are only 5 million citizens). That is one reason that here were actually no books about reflexology in Finnish. And because I had seen that reflexogy really works (treating also colic babies), I wanted to share this knowledge.

For who is the book written?
This book is written to all: parents, grandparents, nannies, professionals therapists….
This method is safe, drug-free and effective to help small infant struggling with colicky pains. It is easy to learn and do. Cheap, you only need some oil, warm hands and big will to help. We do know that the touch is very, very powerfull.

What is your dream/goal for the future (in general)?
My dream is that everyone could do this gentle treatment easily at home for their babies. The baby does not HAVE to have colic-syndroms: babies enjoy and can always benefits from this gentle way to touch and treat.